Injxu Cosmetics


A change in TGA regulations...

The TGA has implemented further restrictions on the way we can communicate with the public.

On January 15th, the TGA announced the implementation of restrictions on the usage of certain terms, notably “anti-wrinkle” and “dermal filler,” in our online communications. While these changes aim to enhance industry regulation and consumer protection, they have presented us with a unique set of challenges in effectively disseminating information and education to our patients and followers.

In our ongoing commitment to transparency and accuracy, these restrictions limit our ability to convey information in the familiar terms our audience has come to associate with our educational efforts. As a result, providing easily accessible and comprehensible content has become a more intricate task, impacting our ability to connect with you on matters related to cosmetic procedures.

Understanding the necessity for regulatory measures to uphold safety and ethical practices in our industry, we find ourselves at a crossroads where striking a balance between compliance and effective communication becomes crucial. Although well-intentioned, these recent changes have added a layer of complexity to our mission of empowering individuals with knowledge to make informed decisions about their cosmetic journeys.

Rest assured, we remain committed to adapting our communication strategies to align with regulatory guidelines. Our dedication to delivering valuable, relevant, and accessible content persists, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these adjustments together.