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What Are Russian Lips?

Lip fillers have unquestionably been one of the most popular cosmetic crazes of the previous decade. However, the latest beauty trend is Russian lips, which give an alternate appearance and approach to lip filler.

Despite their name, Russian lips do not originate from Russia: The foundation procedure for Russian Lip filler was created by Tom van Eijk, a well-known cosmetic expert in the Netherlands, credited for pioneering the ‘tenting’ lip augmentation treatment, which was initially designed to improve a client’s lip shape and profile. Here, we delve a little deeper into the procedure and what it entails.

The Russian Lips Look

Russian Lips seem considerably different from the most popular lip filler trend that has swept Australia in recent years. This new style has given lips a fresh new form, offering a flatter, broader look similar to the one provided naturally by Russian women.

The trend originated as a desire for fuller, plumper lips without the risk of filler migration or the ‘duck lips’ and ‘trout pout’ look that many people wish to avoid when getting lip filler. Russian lips are derived from the ‘Russian Doll,’ where they create a heart shape in the centre and seem flatter and higher.

However, this appearance isn’t for everyone, and while it decreases the risk of filler migration, it doesn’t necessarily seem more natural than the more popular lip filler procedure.

The Tenting Technique

The ‘Tenting’ technique, from which the Russian lip technique arose, began with the application of filler put vertically, advancing from the centre of the lip outward towards the border. This adds volume to the centre of the lips and defines their height and contour, giving the cupid’s bow more pout. The method is called ‘tenting’ because the filler behaves like a tent pole, bringing rigidity to the centre of the lips.

Russian Lips Procedure

To achieve the heart-shaped impression, microscopic droplets of dermal filler are injected into the lip, especially around the centre. In contrast to traditional lip augmentation, a filler is injected vertically into many injection sites and dragged upward from the base to the top of the lip. As a result, Russian lips are larger in height rather than volume, demanding a longer treatment time due to the greater amount of product necessary to achieve the desired look.

Lip filler treatments have traditionally taken anything from 15 to 30 minutes to administer.

Russian Lip Technique Compared To Normal Lip Fillers

The main difference between conventional lip filler and Russian Lip Filler technique is that the latter emphasises the top lip and improve the prominence of the cupid’s bow – one of the most coveted regions of the face.

How Much Are Russian Lips?

The Russian Lip Filler technique utilises dermal filler, the same used in conventional dermal lip filler technique.

How Long Do They Last?

Although lip filler can last for nine to twelve months, it is recommended that you have retreatment consistently to maintain the desired shape. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding our Russian lip filler or any of our other cosmetic procedures at Injxu Cosmetics.