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Why do I still have lines after having an anti-wrinkle treatment?

Why do I still have lines after my anti-wrinkle treatment?

To answer this we must first understand the type of wrinkles we have and the way the anti-wrinkle medication works.

There are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic lines and Static lines.

Dynamic lines are the lines we see when we activate the muscle (for example when we frown).

Over time dynamic lines turn into static lines. Static lines are lines you see on the skin when you are not moving – they are there all the time.

Static lines are creases in the skin rather than lines being created by muscle movement.

Now the anti-wrinkle medication works by relaxing the muscle thus minimising the extent it can contract and create the dynamic lines.

Anti-wrinkle medication cannot target the skin creases, this is why static lines remain after having an anti-wrinkle treatment and why antiwrinkle injections are used as a preventative measure to avoid static lines.

With this all being said, static lines can be treated with a multi-modality approach.

Anti-wrinkle injections will continue to treat the dynamic lines preventing them from turning into static lines. For the existing static lines, topical retinol creams will act as a “sandpaper” and help buff away the appearance of them over time.

For in clinic treatments skin needling is our go to. Skin needling will stimulate collagen production thickening & tightening which will minimising many signs of ageing.